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About Academy for Massage Therapy Training

The Academy for Massage Therapy Training (AMTT) in San Antonio is a leading institution offering top-notch education for aspiring massage therapists. With a focus on providing excellent training and exceptional customer service, AMTT stands out as a premier choice for those looking to embark on a fulfilling career in massage therapy.

Located at three convenient campuses across San Antonio, including Park North, Thousand Oaks, and Huebner, AMTT ensures accessibility for students from various parts of the city. Each campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to facilitate effective learning and hands-on practice.


Park North Campus: 602 NW Loop 410, Suite 122, San Antonio, TX 7816
Park North Campus: 16662 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78232
Huebner Campus: 11703 Huebner Rd suite 110, San Antonio, TX 78230

AMTT offers a range of massage therapy programs designed to meet the diverse needs of students. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to advance your skills, there’s a program suited to your goals:

  1. Fundamentals Program: This program provides comprehensive training in massage therapy fundamentals, covering topics such as anatomy, physiology, massage techniques, and business practices. It meets the state-required 500-hour course of instruction, preparing students for licensure as massage therapists.
  2. Massage Mastery Program: Building upon the fundamentals, the Mastery Program offers additional hands-on practice and specialized training in high-demand massage services like relaxation massage, clinical massage, deep tissue massage, and spa therapies. Graduates of this program are highly sought after by employers.
  3. Advanced Clinical Mastery: For those seeking advanced skills and practical experience, the Advanced Clinical Mastery program offers an intensive 750-hour curriculum, including 250 additional hands-on hours. Students work in AMTT’s student internship clinic to perfect their massage therapy techniques.

Program Layout

AMTT’s curriculum is designed to exceed industry standards and equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for success in the field. From basic massage techniques to advanced clinical applications, students receive thorough training to meet the needs of diverse clientele.

One of the standout features of AMTT is its innovative approach to education, including a proprietary method emphasizes proper body mechanics and leverages gravity to minimize strain and maximize effectiveness during massage therapy sessions. Students learn practical techniques that prepare them for real-world practice, ensuring they are marketable and profitable upon graduation.

In addition to classroom instruction, AMTT offers hands-on clinical practice through its internship programs. This provides students with valuable experience working with real clients under the guidance of experienced professionals, further enhancing their skills and confidence.

AMTT also offers flexible learning options, including hybrid programs that combine remote instruction with in-person exams. This allows students to complete a portion of their coursework from home while still receiving the necessary hands-on training.


Upon completion of their chosen program, graduates are eligible to register for the Texas Massage Therapy Exam and pursue licensure as massage therapists. AMTT provides ongoing support to alumni, helping them maintain their licensure through continuing education opportunities.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you’re passionate about helping others through massage therapy or seeking a rewarding career in the wellness industry, we feel as though AMTT offers the resources, expertise, and support to help you achieve your goals. With a commitment to excellence and a track record of success, AMTT is your pathway to a fulfilling career as a licensed massage therapist in San Antonio.